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Duro - Last Case Studies

Cooler Building Temperature

Duro-Last's advanced roofing system has been providing economic benefits to rural and urban buildings all over the world. A recent case study shows Duro-Last technology provides a "cool zone" that improved milk production of cows! Farmers are able to produce more milk with their cows, while also saving on average of $44,000 a year on operational costs and 90% of that is due to the benefits of our roofs!


Georgia Insitute of Technology houses over 700 faculty and more than 15,000 students under a roof of several hundred thousand square feet. With Duro-Last's cooling membrane roofing, Georgia Institute was able to seamlessly provide an Eco-friendly roofing footprint. While outside temps were over 93 degrees, the inside temp hovered at...

EDOS manufacturer's Reps, Inc.

Thanks to Duro-Last's custom fabrication process, the PVC sheets were custom engineered and manufactured to fit this specific project. being an innovative Duro-Last contractor, Breault Roofing created a way to make the installation process more efficient by requesting mostly tabless sheets and fastening the membrane with induction welding...

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