Duro-Last:  Why You Need The "World's Best Roof"®

For over 25 years, TOMKAT and Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. have worked together to install quality roofs for commercial buildings. With over 13 million feet successfully installed, TOMKAT and Duro-Last have built a relationship around a quality product - Duro-Last. 


​The Duro-Last roof is comprised of a single-ply vinyl membrane, which is 85% pre-fabricated under ideal factory conditions. This pre-fabrication virtually eliminates the exacting on-site labor and 85% of the field seams other roofers require - which translates into a practically maintenance-free, long-lasting roof. Not to mention, it is more cost-effective than other roofing systems that may need repairs or replacement - the Duro-Last roof comes with a 15 or 20-year warranty at no extra charge. And Duro-Last supplies all of the pieces needed to install the roof - compatibility of parts is never an issue.

So how does all of this make Duro-Last the "World's Best Roof?"®. Because of its design and the installation process, Duro-Last meets or exceeds all of the major fire and wind code requirements throughout the country; it has passed wind uplift tests up to 210 psf; it can save money on energy costs because of its reflectivity; it is watertight; it is made specifically for your building.

Considered one of Duro-Last's "Master Roofers" for outstanding workmanship, sales, and service, Duro-Last roofs installed by TOMKAT consistently score among the highest in roof inspection. And all roofs are double inspected - once by the TOMKAT staff and again by a Duro-Last Tech Rep. Both TOMKAT and Duro-Last want to ensure your roof meets the highest standards

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